Jobs in MN

In order for our economy to continue to be one of the strongest in the nation we need to invest in creating jobs. There are three main ways for a state to create jobs, and they are cultivate talent, stimulate demand, and expand services. 

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Cultivate Talent

One of the most important roles of the state government is to make sure that our public education system is preparing young people for the jobs of the future. As someone who has worked with machine learning and computer programming I will make sure that our state invests in an education system that prepares children for the jobs of tomorrow, and not just the jobs of today.

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Stimulate Demand

The easiest way for a government to stimulate demand for high quality labor, is by investing into its infrastructure. We need high quality roads, high speed internet, and cheap, clean energy.

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Expand Services

Minnesota employs people everywhere from the state parks all the way to hiring judges and public defenders. We need to make sure that we are hiring enough judges and defenders to make sure that trials are speedy as the constitution promised. We also need to make sure that we have our statewide services fully staffed and our national guard properly manned.