We are experiencing a healthcare crisis. Today even a middle class income is hardly enough to support the cost of healthcare for many families, let alone families that have severe illness or disability to deal with. I am tired of hearing stories of hard working families being bankrupted by the immense cost of healthcare that they are dealing with. 

We have many different plans coming from the gubernatorial candidates and I am hopeful that one of those plans will come into effect, but I will say one thing about healthcare. I am not satisfied with any plan that does not cover 100% of children enrolled in k-12 education and younger. An infant has no ability to fend for itself and it should not be given a death sentence because of the financial shortcomings of a parent. As for the older children, we give our children a full time schedule with the workload that is public education, and so I see no reason why they shouldn't get the benefit of healthcare that a decent would provide them. School is a full time job, and I support covering the healthcare of every child enrolled in K-12 education rich or poor.